Seneca College’s Preparation Regarding Novel Coronavirus

Students received two emails from the Dean of Students in January advising them to take more precautions.

By Mercia Mooseely, Seneca Journalism Student

Photo by Mercia Mooseely

Despite a low risk to the school community, Seneca College is continuing to monitor information and is following protocols set out by public health agencies about the Novel Coronavirus; a new strain of the viral infection previously not identified in humans.

Officials across Seneca’s eight campuses are working to raise awareness among students and staff.

The virus, which first appeared in Wuhan, China is believed to have killed 600 people and more than 31, 000 people are now infected, according to media reports. In Canada, the Public Health Agency has confirmed five cases of the coronavirus. Two of those cases are in British Columbia and three in Ontario.

Seneca has set up an Incident Command Team (ICT) to monitor the situation and keep its community up to date.“It’s good that they are reaching out to students and are letting them know that there are safety protocols being taken”, says Seneca College Student Ashley Gifford.

Seneca officials are asking students and staff to use the same hygiene practices that they do during flu season to limit the risk of contracting the infection. The College also recommends that students stay home if they are sick.

Students from all campuses can access medical services at Seneca’s Medical Centre located at the Newnham campus.

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