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Final Fiesta was held at Seneca Residence to celebrate the end of winter semester

With the end of semester approaching, students are overloaded with exams and  assignments. To help students through this stressful period Seneca Student Federation and Seneca Residence organize a lot of events. One of them is the Final Fiesta that happened at the residence on the 5th of April. 

Mexican cuisine

At the beginning of the event students were welcomed to try the traditional Mexican and Brazilian food  that combine fresh, seasonal ingredients with age-old techniques for preparation. Among the dishes were Mexican rice, beef flautas and tortillas. Residence Council members who set everything up told S@Y News that they believe food to be one of the key aspects to understanding culture and bringing students together by creating conversation and collaboration between cultures. 

The party continued with awesome games like musical chairs and pin the tail on the donkey. Everyone who popped in was having a lot of fun and relaxing from the overwhelming level of stress coming along with exams. 

The Final Fiesta was wrapped up with good Latin music, delicious cake and inspirational speeches from the council members to keep students motivated! 



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