Coming Up COVID: A new Seneca Journalism podcast

COVID-19 is more than a health scare; it’s been a catalyst for lifestyle changes that include overbuying, virtual hangouts and homeschooling for children. “Coming Up COVID” covers the many facets of the pandemic and even offers some humour to help people get by. […]

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More at risk for Covid-19

By: Melissa Mihalis Amanda Buttarazzi fears for her life every day because of simply existing. She suffers from an autoimmune disease called ankylosing spondylitis. A condition that causes her spine to swell and fuse, making […]

Destination Seneca

New Cannabis Program at Seneca

  Seneca Launched a brand-new Cannabis related program. It is called Cannabis Regulation and Quality Assurance. It is a two-semester graduate certificate and students say it is very intensive. The program mostly focuses on the […]


Let’s Talk Mental Health!

The pictures above include photo’s of positive message cards written by students. Some of the messages say: “you are not alone”, “you matter!’ and ‘be kind to yourself”. By: Frankie Fiorini, Hilem Rodriguez, Farah Chandani […]


Getting Your Bell Rung

Video Courtesy of Joe Tilley Joe Tilley started out his life as a high school dropout and alcoholic. He decided to turn his life around and become an Amateur Boxer. He talked about what he […]