Data Journalism

What Is Journalism Now?

I got to sit down with Patty Tamlin and James Mckay. Co-hosts on their show, Stouffville Morning. On Whistle FM Radio. I got to hear their perspectives on how the Journalism industry has been doing [Read More]

Conquering COVID

Covid-19 Second Wave

During these times. The Covid-19 disease has been up and down. From March of 2020 till now, we have gone from daily outbreaks to available vaccinations and everything between the fine lines. Now in terms [Read More]

Daily Podcasts

Big Talk: COVID-19, long Haulers

Big talk explores social and individual issues like homelessness, unemployment, health. All from the victim’s perspective. The First Episode is about COVID-19 long Haulers. I talk with Jacqueline Powell Laurie, a respiratory nurse at a [Read More]


Food Waste is Non-Stop

Figure: A Canadian bread tag with date. Photo credit: Shakailah Allison Figure 1.3: Starbuck signs of their menu. Figure 2.3: Wasted product in a Starbucks location. Figure 3.3: Wasted product at a Starbucks location. Can [Read More]


The Mask Etiquette

Many scientific authorities are approving and encourage the use of protective masks. This is now the most popular effort to prevent contamination alongside basic hygiene. While some countries return to their social activities created pro-masks [Read More]