Through The Pandemic With Yoga

Uniting Body, Soul and Mind

To some, yoga is just a form of exercise. To Anastasiya Ivanova, yoga is a way of conquering the impact of COVID-19. When the pandemic hit, this Seneca journalism student had to find a stress release. She’s been rolling out her mat, lighting a candle and performing yoga moves ever since, and she has some help from her baby boy, to boot.

My Yoga Heart

Seneca Journalism student, Anastasiya Ivanova, has discovered a way to re-discover herself during this pandemic. COVID-19 shut down everything and isolated her in her home with her baby boy. She dug in her heels and refocused with new drive and ambition. Her new outlet? Yoga.


Yoga Through Guruji's Eyes

Yoga has healing properties that are helping Seneca journalism students deal with the stress from the COVID-19 pandemic. Yogi, Sri Soham Guruji, shares how yoga can help an individual, mentally and physically, stay focused and inspired when times are tough.

The Team

Anastasiya Ivanov

Producer: My Yoga Heart

Mohit Rathod

Producer: My Yoga Heart

Tess Ha

Producer: Uniting Body, Soul and Mind

Kamila Sukhanova

Producer: Yoga Through Guruji's Eyes

Lamia Abozaid

Producer: Yoga Through Guruji's Eyes

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