The Solo Garbage Picker

It is often thought that volunteer work can only be done through an organization or group. Community work, in general, is associated with charity or even a mandatory task as the outcome of a trial. [Read More]

Daily Sports

The Italian Dream

A showdown between the finest middleweights Europe has to offer the UFC, was set to take place April 10th. Italy’s Marvin Vettori, vying for top contendership against England’s Darren Till. Israel Adesanya, the current champion [Read More]

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Canadian Killers

https://www.senecajournalism.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Youhg-Blood-episode-6-1.m4a Episode #6: The Beast Of B.C. Description: This podcast goes over the events and actions of Canadian Serial Clifford Olson Producer: Alyiah Davis Host: Alyiah Davis

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NSR Trifecta 6: The Shining

By: Samah Yar Khan, Noah Van Halteren, Raishona Newell   Welcome to Week 6 of the NSR Trifecta! This week we watched a retro horror movie, The Shining (1980)! Starring Jack Nicholson and Shelly Duval [Read More]