Data Journalism

What Is Journalism Now?

I got to sit down with Patty Tamlin and James Mckay. Co-hosts on their show, Stouffville Morning. On Whistle FM Radio. I got to hear their perspectives on how the Journalism industry has been doing [Read More]

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Canadian Killers Episode# 4: Monster of the Miramichi Description: This podcast goes over the events and actions of Canadian Serial Killer Allan Legere Producer: Alyiah Davis Host: Alyiah Davis

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Conquering COVID

Survivor Episode 2

  BY ARIF AHMED AND MOHIT RATHOD At the beginning of the pandemic, a veteran doctor and his family from Bangladesh were tested twice for Covid-19. They both are survived and went back to fight [Read More]

Daily Entertainment

Fashion Cup of Tea Ep.2

“Fashion Cup of Tea” is about the importance of fashion and how it influences our society while we cover the latest 2021 Fashion – Beauty trends with tips and tricks on how to find your [Read More]