by Jasmine Gill

Ricardo Gomez was born and bought up in Mexico; many people did not accept his lifestyle and sexual preference.


He says, “the day I reached Canada, I shaved my head because I had too many problems.”
Gomez has now lived in Canada for the last four years, yet he sometimes has not felt socially accepted for being gay.

Gomez shares an experience where an old black lady approached him and his boyfriend at a subway station in Toronto and asked them to go to the church and apologize to God for being Gay and in love. Gomez says this was not the first time that someone has made them feel wrong about being gay. Recently, the couple was out for lunch near Yonge street, were two black teenagers were making jokes about them and laughing.
Despite the minor adverse incidents, Canada has still treated him with respect 97% of the time.

On the contrary, Madhu Sudan, a beauty and fashion influencer from India, started his making blog in 2016 and soon after, his content became popular. Sudan has worked as a makeup artist with many Bollywood actors, but he still does not feel accepted in society.


“I am only 23 years old, and I have achieved a lot of success compared to others at this age, but still sometimes people treat me in a very unfair manner”.

Sudan says there have been numerous incidents where people disrespected him and his choices. Recently in an event, Sudan was in the jury panel of a beauty pageant where his co-judges passed disrespectful comments about him. He says that it was unprofessional and hurtful.

Being Gay, bisexual, lesbian, or transgender is not easy, even if there are laws to protect the community, especially if one lives in India.
Madhu says that as far as his experience, most small towns in the country do not accept the feelings of the LGBTQ+ Community and have very dark viewpoints; no doubt, in cities like Mumbai, people have started to accept the LGBTQ+ community. However, still, the hate and trolls on social media can never stop. Sudan’s co-workers talk about him behind his back and do not give him the respect he deserves.


However, for Gomez living in Canada is very refreshing. Canada is his happy place. The country gives him the freedom to do whatever he wants and wear whatever he wants.
“Canada makes me feel like a free bird.”
He further adds that here people know that to have respect, one has to respect.

However, for Sudan, this isn’t the case.
The hate he receives on social media or in-person for being who he is does hurt him a bit, but he tries to look at the positive side.

” I am not sure that if I were born in Canada, my life would be different, but I don’t want it. I am happy here with my family; they respect and support my choices and me for who I am. ”

And that’s all that matters to Sudan. He doesn’t let anyone discourage him or his career.


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