Drum It Out: Keeping the Taiko Tradition Alive During the Pandemic

Nearly 40 Years of Keeping the Beat Alive

Kiyoshi Nagata is a famed Taiko drum player. He has played all over the world with his ensemble, Nagata Shachu. For close to 40 years, he has established himself as Canada's premier Taiko drum player, and as a world-renowned expert. His start was an unusual one; Nagata originally studied economics and "fell into" the industry in his late 20’s. This photo montage tells the story of his unique rising in the ranks of Taiko groups and how he shares his culture and music with the world.

Japanese Culture, Drumming, and the Pandemic

Like most people, musicians have taken a beating from this pandemic. Tasked with how to keep his beat alive, Kiyoshi Nagata came up with a creative way to drum. This world-renowned Japanese Canadian Taiko Drummer has created a Virtual Taiko Drum through an app. It's used on a smartphone or tablet. Instruments need? Pretty much any household items can bring music to your ears. His story is one of innovation, and perseverance.

Bucket Drums, Paper Flutes

Many schools and programs have teachers adapting their materials to adjust to remote learning. Kiyoshi Nagata is one professor who got creative in order to keep his course going during the pandemic. Nagata is a world-renowned Taiko drum player who enjoys sharing his music and culture with students at The University of Toronto. He's come up with a unique way to bring his powerful drumming classes into people's homes, and into a digital medium.

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Japanese Musical Instruments

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Noah Vanhalteren

Producer: Bucket Drums, Paper Flutes


Producer: Nearly 40 Years of Keeping the Beat Alive


Producer: Japanese Culture, Drumming, and the Pandemic

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