Rebecca Hennessy and Michael Herring: The Joy That Heals the World

The Joy That Found Us

Rebecca Hennessy and Michael Herring have been on a mission to spread joy during this pandemic. Inspired by the arrival of their daughter Nancy, these jazz artists believe that even in the most difficult time, joy will always find us.  In fact, they titled their upcoming album Joy Will Find You. Through their music, they show us the beat of life’s happiness and meaning.

What Happens When Two Jazz Artists Fall In Love

Michael and Rebecca take us through their separate musical journeys that brought them together. The result? A love story that keeps their beat going even during a pandemic. They turn their home into a studio and their love for their daughter into an inspiration. So they share with us what happens when two jazz artists meet and fall in love. 

The Song That Keeps The Light Bright

Toronto Jazz artists Michael Herring and Rebecca Hennessy collaborate for their single “Keep the light bright.” Inspired by a friend who suffered from a mental health crisis, they enlist the help of fellow band members to create this piece, one of whom is drummer Dave Clark. Michael, Rebecca and Dave hope to remind people that the monsters you see under the bed may not exist if you turn on the light and keep it bright.

Sharing The Progress

Through virtual concerts and taking us behind the scenes of their inspirations and music, Rebecca and Michael keep on sharing their joy with us. Check out their latest virtual gig with JazzinToronto. We promise, it will keep you smiling! 🙂

So Share With Us Your Joy

Let's join Michael and Rebecca on this mission. 

Meet the Team

Anastasiya Ivanov

Producer: The Joy That Found Us

Ashley Mckenzie

Producer: The Song That Keeps The Light Bright

Tess Ha

Producer: What Happens When Two Jazz Artists Fall In Love

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