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Elizabeth Rodriguez is one half of the award-winning ensemble OKAN. The artist receives constant adulation for her sound, but she is not afraid to admit that she had to suffer to get to where she is today. She grew up in Cuba, under a strict regime. She says it left her feeling unsafe and creatively constrained, especially in her music classes. Now, as a music teacher in Canada, she's making sure her students grow organically. Find out how she's fostering the musical talent of her students today.

A Forbidden Love Worth Fighting For

OKAN is led by Elizabeth Rodriguez and her wife, Magdelys Savigne. The musical duo has chemistry both in the studio and at home. But this partnership was controversial in their homeland of Cuba. This photo montage illustrates how the couple has continued to advocate for their music and their freedom.

The Price of 'Libertad'

Freedom, or Libertad in Spanish, is something Elizabeth Rodriguez has fought for throughout her whole life.  But she was not the only one to have a traumatic upbringing in Cuba. Her aunt was forced to flee and leave behind her husband and six-year-old daughter. Hear about how this story inspired Rodriguez's song, Aguila.

Tough Times Don't Last, Tough People Do

OKAN wish their Toronto fans health and safety in the midst of the pandemic. The Cuban group immigrated here in search of a better life, and have given back to the community that they embrace today. They also use their free speech in Canada to protest against the dictatorship in Cuba that has stifled and hurt so many of their friends and family.

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