Passion fuels Jenna-Marie Pinard's music. Ever since she was little, she has been the go-to performer at all family functions. Bit by the music bug as a child, she couldn't wait for her next competition. After graduating from the University of Toronto's music school, she's ready to take on the world of jazz and soul.

For a year, her career soars, but then the pandemic hits. Isolation, stifling musical inspiration, but not for long when it comes to Jenna Marie Pinard. She takes to TikTok singing loud and full of passion, creating a new vibrant sound on a new platform. The world takes notice. With more than 20,000 followers, Jenna calls TikTok the “fire underneath me.”

The Rising Star

Jenna Marie Pinard writes her favourite song, "Leaving It All Behind", for her final exam and recital before graduating. Four years of music school is rough on her and fills her with self-doubt. All the tests and examinations of her skills make her feel like she's not enough. This song is an anthem for conquering your fears, especially during the difficult times caused by COVID-19.

Meet the Team

Jasmine Gill


Maria Quevedo-Serrano


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