Finding Inspiration In My Roots

For Jesse Ryan, his musical journey begins when the vibrant sounds of steel pans and drums flows through his ears and then his veins. At a young age, Ryan is ready to charter his career in the jazz industry as he forms his fresh, new voice around the rich ancestral DNA of jazz music found in Trinidad, where he grew up. Wanting to further his music career, Ryan migrates to Toronto, opening many doors for this new Canadian. The outcome? A unique combination of North American jazz with an Afro-Caribbean sound. Jesse Ryan shares his journey.

Bridging the Gap

Released in the middle of a pandemic, Jesse Ryan’s album "Bridges" is an exploration of Afro music that also honours Jesse’s memory of his past life in Trinidad. The idea of the album evolves out of a fresh and new culture that celebrates the sharing of the Caribbean. A key song from the album "Big Ole Shoes" is composed by Jesse to encourage people to wear out their big old shoes and expand in them before trying new ones.

Meet the Team

Jessica Brown


Azeezat Ishola


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