Covid-19 Second Wave

By: Jalen Rose

During these times. The Covid-19 disease has been up and down. From March of 2020 till now, we have gone from daily outbreaks to available vaccinations and everything between the fine lines. Now in terms of cases and recent infections. It’s the numbers that have been the most alarming during this pandemic. Along with how it’s impacted us here in Canada and around the world. Depending on where you live, some communities might find themselves either dealing or have dealt with one or multiple “waves”. These situations in this pandemic have shown these are the most infectious times of the virus.  On top of that, it the most infectious disease in recent history. This isn’t the first time a virus has been troubled our blue planet. As less than 20 years ago, SARS was a prominent figure in the world. Other diseases have lingered around the world. Like Ebola, Swine Flu and many others.                                              


Now obviously these viruses didn’t have detrimental effects like Covid-19 unless you want to add in the Bubonic Plague. However, this disease is in modern times and is the face of our reality. Since the worldwide shutdown, Canada has faced two waves and a potential third in the future. Now especially in the second or most recent wave, according to national news stations like the CBC, CTV and Global. The second wave comes as no surprise, as in recent months. Local patrol officers across Ontario cut down on civilians hosting parties, special gatherings, and large events with massive crowds.

These same events were deemed “unsafe” to gather more than ten people attending. In March of 2020, the government of Ontario announced new legislation with laws surrounding Covid-19. This includes heavy restrictions on social gatherings with a maximum of 10 visitors for every event held. Throughout my research on this story, I have come across numerous platforms covering this event. Many of these platforms all state the same thing, “the second wave is near”. Yet we all wonder when we will hear, “the vaccine/cure is finally heard”. That day will one day come. The story is aired/covered on news broadcasts along with web articles. Despite all this, the second wave happened but that doesn’t mean a third needs to happen. If we all continue to do our part in fighting against Covid-19. Quarantine might not continue to be the new morn and more of a daunting past. With life back to normal soon after.  

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