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The Feed It Forward founder, Chef Jagger Gordon assists customers at his pay-what-you-can grocery store. The Toronto chef showcases donated non-perishable goods and some produce farmed by the organization's volunteers.

Food for Thought

Toronto chef Jagger Gordon is the founder of Feed It Forward, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting low-income individuals and families with access to food. Gordon has started several initiatives, including the city's first sustainable pay-what-you-can grocery store.

"Pay-what-you-can" is a pricing model where customers can pay any amount for a product or service based on their financial situation or perceived value. It's a flexible approach that aims to make goods or services accessible to a broader range of people, accommodating varying budgets and circumstances. Feed it Forward grocery store sells organic fruits and vegetables, which promotes a healthier lifestyle for people who are not able to afford shopping at a conventional store.

According to Food Bank Canada more than 1.9 million people visited food banks in the month of March 2023. The increase this year has been the biggest, according to the Ontario food bank network. Gordon recently launched the Feed It Forward app, making it possible for individuals to access or donate food from the comfort of their own homes. Chef Jagger Gordon says he is trying to make a difference by making food more accessible to people's basic needs.

Feeding It Forward

Jagger Gordon is a true philanthropist. His journey begins with his passion for gastronomy, which is the practice of choosing, cooking, and eating wholesome and nutritious foods. He accredits his love of food and making healthy food choices to his grandmother.  

In 2014, he embarked upon a mission to end food waste and address hunger. Starting as a freezer program, Feed It Forward has expanded to include a soup bar and grocery store, utilizing surplus food from restaurants and corporate donors that would otherwise be thrown in the trash.  

Gordon's commitment to nourishing both bellies and souls drives him to provide solutions for those most in need. He believes that no one should have to go to bed hungry, no matter what your income level is and having access to fresh and affordable food is a basic need of every human being.  

Jagger Gordon makes affordable food a reality for everyone. He is a leader in many areas of life, and as his colleague John stated he is a true “ideas man.” A problem solver with a deeply empathetic soul. 

Everyone entering Jagger Gordon’s store is assured that the food they are buying is healthy and nutritious. His optimism for helping people makes the world a better place and we should all Feed It Forward just like Jagger Gordon. 

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