Beyond the Finish Line

Sheriauna Haase at the Toronto Track and Field Centre after her class at York University. She quickly changes from her regular shoes into her training gear to prepare for a session with her coach, Bob Westman.

Need for Speed

Sheriauna Haase’s sights are set on more than just the finish line. Haase is on the Canadian Parapan American Games (ParaPan-Am) track and field team and has two bronze medals under her belt from the Chile games in 2023. She does it all despite not having a left arm. Haase was born with congenital limb reduction. At the age of 17, her journey goes beyond athletic achievements; she embodies resilience, passion, and a commitment to breaking barriers.

Now, she’s gearing up for the Paris 2024 Paralympics in July. Her schedule is jam packed — Haase manages not only track practices, but her weekly routine includes 30 hours of dance practices plus acting rehearsals and school.

Haase says she stumbled into the sport; she remembers running around in middle school and realizing she was fast. Now, she is determined to be the fastest.  She ran her personal best last year at the ParaPan-Am and is currently fueled by her focus on securing more medals. With the guidance of her coach, Bob Westman, Haase consistently pushes her boundaries in pursuit of excellence. Westman says that her background in dance served as a foundation that enhances her performance on the track.

Since Haase is pursuing multiple passions, she doesn’t have a fixed training schedule.  However, Westman ensures that her practices are focused on the fundamentals of running so she can get the most out of every practice at Toronto Track and Field Centre.

Breaking Barriers

For as long as Haase can remember her family has been supporting her journey.  Her mom, Sherylee Honeyghan, took her to her first dance class, so she could fully express herself. With her family support since she was a child, Haase participated in several dance competitions, winning recognitions like open solo, hip-hop solo, and open duet special awards. Haase even made an appearance in a teen drama series called The Next Step in 2023.

Beyond athletics and acting, Haase is also a rising star in the literary space. I Am Sheriauna, is a children’s book, written by her mom. Where Haase inspired the main character. The book aims to empower children with physical challenges by offering relatable narratives to help them feel represented. The story creates a space for conversation between family and friends about understanding and acceptance. It also promotes empowerment.

Haase says her mom plays a huge role in her growth by providing her with all the support she needs and in turn hopes to inspire others. Haase continues to encourage people to believe in their potential and turn their dreams into reality. Through her story, she wants to foster a conversation about physical challenges. Haase advocates for a world where differences become synonymous with strengths.

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