Top Shows that Canadians Binge-Watch on Netflix

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By Sharyl Jovellana, Maria Jose Lopez, Noah Trenton, Wafa Yunis, SAY News January 20, 2023

The top Netflix shows streamed in Canada in the first weeks of 2023.

Last year streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO offered us a mix of shows with very high budgets such as “The Rings of Power” or the “Game of Thrones” prequel “House of the Dragon”, long run times or chilling stories like “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story”.

Surprisingly, the top shows watched by Canadians during the second week of January are a combination of old and new shows:

  • Ginny & Georgia – The new season of this team drama was released on Netflix on January 5th.
  • The Walking Dead – A staple for zombie lovers. The show ended with its 11th season in 2021.
  • Kaleidoscope – This psychological thriller is the first show that can be watched in any order.
  • This Is Us – The latest season of this family drama was released in January 2022
  • Wednesday – With only a couple of days on Netflix, Tim Burton’s reimagined Wednesday Addams gave the world a viral TikTok dance challenge.



Canada is not the only country streaming non-stop during these first weeks of the year. Countries like Romania and Mexico are the top streamers for “Ginny and Georgia”. On the other hand, the United Kingdom and Ireland can not stop talking about “Kaleidoscope”. Lastly, India, Turkey, and Palestine are binge-watching “Wednesday”.

Even though specific countries are the ones who stream or search the most about a particular show, it is safe to say that “Ginny & Georgia”, “Kaleidoscope”, and “Wednesday” are starting the year strong, followed by “Emily in Paris” and “Woman of the Dead”.



Binge-Watching Habits Across Canada

With the long winters, it is no surprise that Canadians binge-watch their shows. According to a recent survey made by Time2Play three in four Canucks admitted to binge-watching and the average time for this is between 8 pm and midnight.

The survey also found which province held the fastest and slowest binge-watchers in the country. It only took people from Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island 4.3 days to finish a 10 45-minute episode season; while people from Saskatchewan finished the same season in a little more than a week.



Netflix Canada

Last October Netflix announced an ad-supported plan to make streaming more accessible. The Basic with Ads subscription will let you watch most of the catalog for $5.99 provided the viewer sits through commercials.

Starting this year, the streaming service has been testing an add-on payment for account sharing in Latin America charging up to USD 3. This measure is expected to be implemented in the United States and Canada later this year.










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