Stings Push For Win Against Their Biggest Competitor.

Johny Kitenge aiming for the net.
By Sofia Abas

Seneca Sting were eager for a win against George Brown. The Sting had lost their first match up at the beginning of the season. Seneca led the game in the first quarter with the score 27 – 16 and they maintained it until half  an eleven point lead into half time. 


However, by the end of the third quarter the Huskies changed their defence strategy and were pushing to take the lead. Although Dakoda Lewis, Rayomond Yeung and Jordan Anderson continued to score, it wasn’t enough. 

During the third quarter, the Stings started slowing down their pace and the Huskies saw their opportunity. The crowd watched as the Huskies took the lead at the end of the third quarter, with the score being 59 – 57. 

Dakoda Lewis passing the ball to his teammates

The crowd remained hopeful that the Sting would make a comeback after the two teams were going head to head. However, the Huskies managed to take a six point lead with three minutes remaining in the game and ended it with a victory after Ahmed took a couple of free throws, making it hard for Seneca to make a comeback. 


” You know it was a tough game, we were hoping for that win but they played fair and square. We had enough time to practise and we weren’t getting those shots. I think that maybe we were slightly in over our heads and we needed to work on our skills. ” Says Shikeab Sorotgar


Lewis led the Stings with 17 points, Anderson with 16 and Yeung with 14 points and 7 rebounds. Ankra, the top player finished the game with 13 points and 8 rebounds.

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