Seneca Graduates Wins Oscars For Their Work

By Sofia Abas

Brendon Beasely, Graham Finely and Deanne Marsigliese are graduates of Seneca’s animation program. They worked together as animators on Toy Story 4 and now have Oscars to show for it.


 Beasely graduated from Seneca College in 2004, his Professor, Sean Craig still remembers him for the dedicated student that he is. 


I imagine Brendan spent countless hours outside of his professional duties continuing to develop his craft.  A relentless pursuit of knowledge, and a drive to improve beyond the classroom would no doubt put any of our graduates on the path to achieve greatness.Toy story 3 seemed like a nice conclusion to the franchise, but I must admit that Toy Story 4 really feels like appropriate closure to the story lines for all the main characters.  I was delighted to see it win at the Academy Awards.” 

Mark Jones, head of the animation department.


The head of the animation department Mark Jones didn’t know the three personally.  But he says he is proud of what these Seneca students have achieved. 


 ” I’m very proud of him and what the other Seneca graduates have to offer. You with anyone who graduates from this program and has such great accomplishments it’s always nice to hear and see something like this. As someone who teaches in this department, we are proud of what they have to offer.” 


Seneca students from the animation department say they want to model their work after Beasely and hope to work with Disney in the animation industry. 


” It’s amazing what Sean has done. I really hope to work on something as big as he did and one day is rewarded for it like him.”  Says a Seneca animation student who didn’t want to be named. 


” The training at Seneca was the foundation for me. Without it I wouldn’t be where I am today. Seneca helped me piece together all of the skills I was learning and put together a demo reel that stood out amongst hundreds of other people and I also made connections at Seneca.” Says Beasely on the Seneca website.

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