New Cannabis Program at Seneca


Seneca Launched a brand-new Cannabis related program. It is called Cannabis Regulation and Quality Assurance. It is a two-semester graduate certificate and students say it is very intensive. The program mostly focuses on the managerial aspect of the industry, as well as on maintaining the product quality.

Since legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada many colleges and universities across Ontario have launched cannabis related programs that concentrates on different aspects of the cannabis production. The pioneer in Cannabis studies was Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Science (AAPS) and it was the first college to have this program approved by the Ministry of Advanced Education.

AAPS Cannabis course gives a broad knowledge from how to grow cannabis to the managerial specifications of the industry. Ryerson and George Brown colleges were the followers. Ryerson’s and George Brown’s programs focus more on the Business and Law side of the industry.

The new Seneca program aims to cover all aspects at the same time. From chemistry of the plant, how it affects human brain, to the ethics and law. Brandon Yiu used to be a teacher, but now he studies at Seneca in Cannabis Regulation and Quality Assurance program and he says that he hopes to get a position in quality assurance.
“So you are basically a person in charge to ensure that everyone is following the rules. It’s like being a teacher but for the whole facility”

Ontario works hard to improve Cannabis Industry and to destigmatize cannabis consumption. Paola Battiston, chair of Seneca Cannabis Regulation and Quality Assutrance program says that cannabis still has a lot of stigma, however she hopes that with time and effort, it can be fixed.
“Historically, it was bought illegally and it was smoked. And so now things are going to change. There is going to be other forms of the product that can be used. And it can be used for other reasons other than recreational purposes.”

What does it mean for Seneca to have first cannabis related regulatory affairs and quality operations programs in Ontario?

This program is a graduate certificate and out other programs have a strong focus in the area of regulations and quality. and what that means is what are the government and ministry requirements in terms of the quality of the product, to insure that it is safe and effective, also what are the licensing requirements from the health Canada in order to be allowed to sell a product. So for us, we have specialization in our school in these areas, so for us it makes total sense to have a program like this in the area of Cannabis.

What kind of subjects students have?

So the students are being trained with a strong emphasis in regulations and in quality assurance, and in addition to that some key subjects that are specific to cannabis. For example security.

What are the possible pathways students can take after the program?

Because this is a new thing for Canada in terms of licensed product and legal cannabis, there is a big need in the industry for people who have the understanding of what a quality product is haw to manage the environment of this product manufacture, growing and processing. There are a lot of possibilities.

What background students should have to be able to apply for this program?
Students must have a degree in sciences, because you must be able to understand the biology of the product.

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