What is the future of e-sports?

E-Sports club in college and universities

E-sports has evolved so much over time. From playing on the field to playing on screen has really changed the face of sports. The competitiveness of playing video games has really reached new levels. From playing in the basement of your house to playing professionally in front of thousands. E-sports players are earning millions of dollars per win. This has inspired many people to pursue e-sports as a professional game. Colleges and universities are also starting to form clubs and teams that will play on collegiate level tournaments. Steven Nguyen is one of the many inspired students who has made an e-sports club at Seneca college.

Gaming takes the world stage

Seneca College's team echoes the trends of gaming popularity. Gamers are no longer just kids on their computers staring at a screen for hours. They are now considered athletes of a pro-sport. The growing popularity of e-sports is taking over the world with players from all corners - including here at Seneca. Seneca College’s e-sports club is only a small sample of the diverse and growing gaming community.

Amongst the members of the e-sports club is Benjamin Ruiz. Since recently moving to Canada, was born in Mexico, where his family bonded over video games. Even his mother, who was initially reluctant, tried out gaming to bond with Ruiz. Seneca’s e-sports club is a place for Ruiz to make new friends and enjoy a sense of community. He wants others to know that all are welcome to play video games for fun.

“Video gaming is becoming smarter...there is something in it for everyone if you look hard enough” says Ruiz.

(Steven standing on the right with students from Seneca’s e-sports club.)

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