Stephen Curry Sheds Tears as Draymond Green Antics Continue

By: Adam El-Zein

As if the Warriors’ season couldn’t get more hectic, Draymond Green was ejected last night, less than four minutes into Golden State’s game against the Orlando Magic. His star point guard Steph Curry became emotional moments after Green exited the game.


The Play


At the 8:24 mark of the first quarter, Andrew Wiggins was called for a foul on Paolo Banchero that sent him to the line for the and-one play. Green became furious and went up to the official who made the call, looking for an explanation for the foul. He was screaming and pleading in the referee’s face, then received his first technical foul.

Green then followed the official who walked away, and continued to let him know what he thought about the play. Many of his teammates followed, including Curry, trying to calm him down and keep him from receiving his second tech. Green remained persistent in pestering the official and received his second tech just moments after the first. That sent him out of the game.

Curry’s Reaction


After staring endlessly, Curry began to walk off and shake his head in disbelief and disappointment. With his jaw clenched and lips sealed, he was screaming in annoyance. He bends over with his hands on his knees and lets out tears of frustration. His coach Steve Kerr comes over to comfort him. Curry stands up, walks onto the court, and wipes his tears with his jersey.

“We need him. He knows that. We all know that, so whatever it takes to keep him on the floor, for him to be available, that’s what’s got to happen, especially at this time of year,” Curry said after the game in the locker room. “I’ve talked to him plenty of times about it, even tonight, and I’ll continue to talk to him as a teammate and a friend.”

Green Responds


“It just can’t happen,” Green said on “The Draymond Green Show” podcast Thursday afternoon.

“I deserved to get kicked out at that point. If I’m all the way honest with y’all, I kind of was trying to turn my body and angle it to go toward the bench and I said what I said a little too soon before angling my body to the bench.”

This marks the fourth time Green was ejected this season. After picking up technical fouls 9 and 10 for the year, he’s going to have to tone things down for this crucial final stretch of the regular season. He has a long history of antics but is going to have to put reactions like that aside for these last 10 games.

Curry was as clutch as ever in last night’s game and brought in a much-needed win. The Warriors currently stand 10th in the West. They’ll be at a battle with Houston, who’s only one game behind, for that final play-in spot.

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