Wembanyamaless Spurs Upset the Suns

By: Adam El-Zein

A Monday night Western Conference match-up featured the San Antonio Spurs hosting the Phoenix Suns. With their young star Victor Wembanyama out with a sprained left ankle, the Spurs were a +12.5 underdog heading into this one.

Vassell and Sochan Leading the Way

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Devin Vassell was nothing shy of amazing in last night’s performance. It was a bounce-back game for him after only putting up 2 points, Saturday against the Suns. Phoenix would win that one by a blowout, but his impact last night helped put the Spurs over the edge. He had a big 26 points and looked as confident as ever shooting the ball. It didn’t fall flush early, but he stayed persistent and came up big in the 2nd half.


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Jeremy Sochan had an absolute masterpiece in the matchup. Though he shot 1-7 from three, he made up for that everywhere else on the court. He was able to still shoot over 50% from the field and put up just as many points as his running man Vassell. It wasn’t only his scoring though, as he grabbed a total of 18 rebounds, giving himself a new career high. His hustle and effort on the defensive end played a big part in slowing the Suns three-headed monster down.

Another Slow Night for Bradley Beal

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“It’s a disappointment. We came in here and laid an egg. We thought it was going to be easy with no Wemby. Just got our a** kicked”, Beal told ESPN’s Andrew Lopez.

Though they took the Spurs lightly, Beal still hasn’t been helping put points on the board as much as we’re accustomed to seeing. He only tallied up 9 points last night and is averaging 9 in his last 4 games played. This is a star that was averaging over 30 not so long ago. His new ‘third option’ role may be hindering his performance. Kevin Durant and Devin Booker have been as good as they’ve ever been. If this team wants to make a deep postseason run, they’ve got to get more from number three.


Down the Wire

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Unlike their last head-to-head, this game came down to the final possession. Down by one, with 30 seconds left in the game, Jeremy Sochan takes a late shot-clock three from the right wing. He buries it, giving the Spurs a two-point lead.

The Suns come down the other end. They put the ball in the hands of Durant and run the clock. He’s guarded by Zach Collins. A double team comes from Vasell, and he kicks it to Booker on the opposite wing. Booker drives in, spins, and kicks it back to Durant who finds himself open. Collins closes out as Durant takes the three. He misses it. The rebound gets tipped to Booker. He loads up to shoot a free throw line jumper but kicks it back out to Durant. Booker relocates to the right wing and Durant finds him. He takes the three but shoots it strong. Collins snags in the rebound, and the horn sounds.

credit: timesofindia.indiatimes.com

Spurs win it 104 – 102.

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