LeBron James and JJ Redick Air First Episode of Their Podcast ‘Mind The Game’

By: Adam El-Zein

LeBron James has teamed up with JJ Redick… only they’ve teamed up off the court and not on it.

Some of the Greatest Minds in Basketball

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The 21-year veteran forward for the Lakers is branching out, adding to his portfolio. Lebron James is now hosting a podcast with 15-year retired sharpshooter JJ Redick. It’s called ‘Mind The Game‘. It airs weekly and consists of James and Redick sitting down and having purely basketball (particularly NBA) driven conversations.

LeBron already has his show ‘the shop’, but wants to expand his media brand even further. When one of the greatest players in the history of the sport starts a podcast, it’s hard to not listen. James is regarded by many to have a very high basketball IQ. Some even say he has the highest.

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Redick is also considered to have a great amount of basketball IQ. He has a long history of podcasting, and has built up quite the resume of NBA broadcast reporting. In 2016 he became the first active NBA with a weekly podcast. He’s recently been added to ESPN’s play-by-play team and been on various sports debate/talk shows. His basketball knowledge extends beyond a journalist’s, as he was one of the smartest players in the league during his time on the court.

When sports fans get the chance to hear from legends, it always makes for a better show.

Purely Hoops

This podcast gives basketball fans the chance to learn about the sport from guys who’ve been at the top. They experience the game differently, so listeners will have the opportunity to go inside the minds of James and Redick. They plan to differ from debate shows like ‘First Take’ and ‘Undisputed’ that tend to be subjective. Rather, they want to get away from outside opinions and have a deeper dive into the game of basketball itself.

“When I do a project, the only thing I think about is whether me and my friends would watch it. That is definitely the case with ‘Mind the Game.’ Everything doesn’t need to be designed for internet culture and clicks”, James told The Athletic.

The basketball genius of LeBron paired with the podcasting skills of Redick will be on display every week for fans to watch, with the first episode already out on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Sportify, and Google.

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