It’s All About The Improv

Adjusting to the Virtual Life

John Pittman is a Toronto-based trumpeter and educator who has had to move his classes online. He's trying to make the best out of the current situation for his students -- from setting up online improv sessions to having virtual one-on-ones, Pittman is making sure the beat stays alive. Find out what it takes to foster the next batch of local musicians.

John Pittman's Journey from Tot to Talent to Teacher

John Pittman clearly remembers how his journey in jazz began. His sister suggested he take a music class in middle school since he had already taken piano lessons. What started as an easy “A” became a lifelong passion. Pittman began playing the trumpet and fell in love with it. Find out how his love for the instrument led him to perform across the country, starting a band and teaching students at Sterling Music Hall.

The Story Behind the Song

When John Pittman found out he was going to be a father, he felt a surge of emotions. The one way he knew how to express himself was to put pen to paper and create music in honour of his child. Hear more about how his song Homio-stasis is about a father’s love for his son.

Virtually Infectious

John Pittman's band, The Heavyweights Brass Band, have performed several times at the TD Toronto Jazz Festival, aiming each time to generate energy through their infectious live shows.

John Pittman and his band have performed at jazz festivals across the country, including in 2018 at JAZZ YYC in Calgary.

Music and Connection in a Virtual Landscape

John Pittman is trying to go beyond just typical zoom classes. He's trying to break through the screen and teach students how to improv. Is that possible in the digital age? Or are students too tired on Zoom calls to feel the energy?

Meet the Team

Damilola Onime

John Pittman: The man, The Father, The Artiste

Zachary McDonald

John Pittman: Journey from Tot to Talent to Teacher

Lamia Abozaid

Adjusting to the Virtual Life

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