Exam season takes a toll on students Mental Health

Public Speaker and Educator Joshua Rivedal.

Exam season is near and students stress levels are rising. This time of year college students are finding the pressure of finals to be taking a toll on their mental health stating that they are feeling overwhelmed, tired, stressed, and are unaware of how to cope with it all. One student says “What would really help would be to have an extra reading week.”

Mental health is funny?

Seneca’s Student Federation on King campus is putting on an event where keynote speaker Joshua Rivedal will help students invest in their mental health and self-care. He will begin his session with some standup comedy as an icebreaker before he provides some advice on coping mechanism, tips for self-care, and stress management strategies. He also plans to help students recongnize others who may be suffering from stress based on the signs.

Wellness Week at Seneca 

  • Seneca’s wellness week begins this week November 20th till November 30th, where SSF will be hosting different workshops and sessions to help manage your mental health and prioritize your well-being.
  • Starting Tuesday November 21st until Thursday November 23rd SSF at York campus will be hosting Mindful Micro Breaks from 11am to 1pm at the library. You can find all events listed on the SSF calendar.


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