A Bust For Toronto’s Record!

Toronto Police Services largest drug bust in history

By: Vijay A. Singh


This past Weekend Toronto Police Services broke the record for the largest cocaine and crystal methamphetamine drug bust in Toronto’s history. 

Toronto Police, Deputy Chief Rob Johnson and Superintendent Steve Watts revealed in a press conference on November 17, that “Project Finito” has come to a wrap.  Approximately 551 kilo of cocaine and 441 kilo of crystal meth, alongside a firearm, a motor vehicle and nearly 100 thousand dollars being seized.

Superintendent Steve Watts also reported that 7 individuals were arrested and being charged on multiple accounts. Charges include possession of illegal substances, intent to sell, trafficking of illegal substances, unauthorized possession of a firearm, and more. 

The Toronto Police Services posted the official “Project Finito” news release online.


Publics Reaction 

With the rapid increase of Level 1 drugs on Toronto streets, students around Seneca Polytechnic are feeling a bit more relieved that these drugs are off the streets. 

According to Ahmed Almearsomi, a Seneca Polytechnic student, “as a guy, I still feel unsafe around Toronto at night, but this is definitely a step towards the right direction” 

Manuala Lozano had similar reaction, and responded saying “I didn’t even know about the drug bust, but I have seen on the TTC people laying on the ground dead (unconscience) but it is good knowing there are less of the drugs being around the city.”


Available Resources

Further more if you or someone you know is affected by an addiction the Government of Canada has produced a list of resources available to help combat these addiction.

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