Newnham athletic centre soon to be gone

Old Seneca Newnham athletic centre building soon to be torn down

After 51 years of being open and the home of the Seneca Sting varsity basketball teams, the Newnham Athletic Centre is set to be torn down this January with the construction of the new centre beginning shortly after.

A farewell for the Centre

An event “the final buzzer” will be held on December 1st to send the centre off in style. The event will feature an opening celebration that tips off at 2:30 pm with doors opening at 2:00 pm.

Following the opening celebration will be two basketball games. First, the Women’s Sting team faces off with the George Brown Huskies at 3;00 pm. Following the game the Men’s Sting team will play against the George Brown Huskies at 5:30 pm. To cap the evening off will be a closing celebration to bid farewell to the old centre. You can register for the event now at The final buzzer event. The first 500 people to do so will get a throwback free tee-shirt

How long will it take?

Ryan Phipps the Sports Information & Promotions Coordinator for Seneca said the reason behind tearing down the old building was due to the age of the centre having been built in 1972. The new centre is set to take 2-3 years to be completed and is expected to open sometime in between 2025-2026. There is no estimate on the cost of the project as a price has not been confirmed.

What about the athletes?

Athletes that were used to commuting to the Newnham campus to play their games there will now need to find out how to get up to Seneca’s King campus which is located at Dufferin and Bloomington in Vaughan. The King campus is a hour and half away from the Newnham campus by transit or 45 minutes driving. This change in location might make it harder for some fans to make it to the games. When asked about if the StingDome will be able to be used Ryan Phipps said “At this current time, the dome will be available until early April 2024. Beyond that, I can’t provide any additional information.”.

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