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One for the books

ONE Championship is the UFC’s competition in Asia. An organization filled with sensational talent, unknown to the North American market. However, the level of competition and adventurous opportunity has seen former champions from the UFC, [Read More]

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Will We Ever Return?

Amber Mitchell is a fourth-year university student majoring in Urban Planning. She currently attends the University of Toronto-Scarborough location. Kelly Leke is also a fourth-year university student majoring in Drama Studies at York University-Glendon campus. [Read More]

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Customization Nation

Helen Le / Helen Le At the rate that fashion changes, it is hard to find the newest and trendiest pieces on the market. What if you wanted to be different but nothing was sparking [Read More]

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Breeds over the years

There are over 200 different breeds of dogs, according to the American Kennel Club. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes like humans but the breed of the dog constantly changes. A change in physical [Read More]

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Dog Cosmetic Alterations

Photo credit, Chelsea Dalmao Chelsea Dalmao is a proud owner of a Doberman. She has gotten her new puppies ears cropped and tail docked. She has a different view on dog cosmetic alterations. Dalmao, “I [Read More]