The Flip Side of Sports – Podcast Ep 5

By Noah Trenton

The development of youth sports is a necessary process for establishing the athlete’s future in their chosen sport(s). Some parents and coaches may be displaying the wrong message to young athletes. This type of behaviour may force the young athlete to quit playing sports altogether. The athletes may feel too much pressure to live up to their parent’s expectations or simply they do not enjoy it any longer due to the overly competitive nature to succeed. 

In the first half of episode five of The Flip Side of Sports, you will hear from Dr. David Telles-Langdon a professor at the University of Winnipeg. Dr. David teaches courses in the Sport Coaching program. He is also the Director of the National Coaching Institute in Manitoba and serves on the board of Coaches Canada. During the interview, Dr. David spoke about how there is research that has shown that players take more life skills from coaches than their parents. 

During the second half of the episode, you get to hear from Dr. Dawn Anderson-Butchera professor at The Ohio State University. Dr. Anderson-Butcher talks about how she feels youth sports have become very specialized. Dr. Anderson-Butcher shares her final research report results, The National Coach Survey that she conducted with 10 thousand youth coaches in the USA. Dr. Anderson-Butcher also spoke about how she is working as the Co-Executive Director of lifesports.osu which is a program focusing on the needs of the state of Ohio’s community youth and the field of sport-based positive youth development (PYD). 


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