Experts say one of the main reasons for this trend is the advertising and promotion that has been allowed Vaping is becoming increasingly popular among Canadian teens and adults, even though most of its health [Read More]



The doors of the vaping store in Richmond Hill north of Toronto are locked. Customers are screened before the store manager lets them in. If they look too young and don’t have a photo ID, [Read More]


Million Dollar Question

Tell us a little about yourself before hockey. https://youtu.be/vaMzT0DFHes Did you have any superstitions before big games? https://youtu.be/Uunmj8DfPe0 How did you suffer your concussion? https://youtu.be/T_1IU2_ZL3U What was the most challenging part of the recovery? https://youtu.be/YrBFKQa9vbs [Read More]


Love For The Game

For Mikey Bien Aime, basketball has always been the centre of his life. As a young child born from two immigrant parents from Haiti, Aime can recall his earliest memories with a basketball in his [Read More]