Entertainment During COVID-19

A summer without entertainment activities is like lemonade with no lemons — there’s no point. COVID-19 is really bumming people out. No new movies in theaters. No concerts. It doesn’t feel like summer without being [Read More]

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Quarantine Cuisine

My first foray into the culinary arts was making bran muffins from a mix when I was 23.  I poured half the package into a bowl, added the water and the raw egg then read [Read More]

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Coping With Covid

Several things have changed for me ever since this pandemic started. Spring season causing my allergies to hit me off , not allowing me to stay productive with my tasks. My parents on the other [Read More]

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Coping With Covid 19

Coping with Covid-19 has been an interesting journey. It has changed the norms of day to day life with many things being closed and access to daily things becoming strenuous. Waiting in long lines, being [Read More]