Packaged Kale Salad Recall

By: Farhnaz Fazli A recall has been issued across Canada for the EatSmart 156-gram Salad Shake-ups-Sweet Kale salad mix. The salad kits tested positive for Listeria contamination by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and […]


Flu Season has only begun

by: Farhnaz Fazli   It’s that time of the year. Cough, colds and worse of all, the flu. This year circulating viruses have changed and the vaccines have been updated.  So far there have been […]


Meet Purse, the Life Saver

  Let me tell you a few secrets that could save your day. With these additional items, become a  ready for anything kind of girl. Keep these in your purse and you and your friends […]


Health Placeholder Article

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