We Do Not Accept Money or Things: An NGO changing Lives in India

By: Dhruv Kalra

Anmol Kwatra is a popular figure on social media, especially on Facebook. This figure has won millions of hearts over the globe in a short span of time. And the reason for becoming his superstar is completely different. He got hit for his social work. He is active in the Ludhiana area of Punjab. In this article, we will let you know about this young sensation from Punjab.

Through this time, he has become highly popular among the youths and has become a social media star. Since his father is a politician, he started promoting the party on various social media platforms. He also posts about social causes and has garnered nearly a million followers on Facebook and half of that on Instagram. He is active on Instagram, he has 817k followers on his Instagram account. Anmol has posted 2022 posts on his feed so far. He shares pictures of himself on his social media account. At times, he even shares pictures with his friends and family occasionally when he is out.


Anmol started social work in college. He started NGO called ” We do not accept money or things“. Kwatra provides medical aides and financial help to the underprivileged. The address of Anmol Kwatra is Anmol NGO, Dayanand Medical College & Hospital, Ludhiana, Punjab.
Outside three of the main private hospitals of Ludhiana Anmol’s team is present and working 24/7 to provide needy people the help.


The mission of this NGO https://instagram.com/wedonotacceptmoneyorthings?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= is to provide any type of help to poor children on streets with medical aids, food and all other healthcare facilities. Moreover, We do not accept money or things’ mainly focuses on cases that deal with children up to the age of 13. But the doors are always opened for other cases. There have been many exceptional cases where Anmol has helped beyond the children’s focus approach.

Activities of NGO’s include environmental, social, advocacy and human rights. This NGO plays a crucial role in developing [Punjab’s] society improving communities and promoting citizen participation. This NGO can work to promote social or political change on a large scale or at a domestic level too. 


Anmol attending a school seminar at a local school in Punjab, teaching students the importance of the NGO.

He said in an interview that once he received over 2000 calls daily and he strives to help them all. Anmol has visited almost around 250-300 schools and has raised about the pathetic condition of the government schools. He is often attacked by local politicians for speaking against them as they were not as supportive to the people as Anmol himself are. Just before 2022 general election he received  threatening calls from some of the political leaders as he was doing good for most of the poor people everywhere.

The NGO does not accept any money directly nor does it engage in any fundraising. The NGO helps in connecting the donors and the needy. If the donor wants to help, he/she has to meet the needy and donate the money. They have donors all across the country even from abroad. Though he works alone, the organization has around 20,000-25,000 registered members.  ‘Anmol says’

This NGO mainly focuses on cases that deal with children up to the age of 13. But the doors are always opened for other cases. There have been many exceptional cases where Anmol has helped beyond the children’s focus approach

Lastly, this project has expanded to the southern and western parts of India, with the same tag. Anmol is doing a very dedicated job that too at a very young age of 17.  Humanity is a word difficult to understand. Humanity brings you above every caste, religion, place. He understands and devotes himself for humanity. We need people like him all over the globe.
We wish him all the best and hope that the young sensation reach solemn heights of success in his life. 

#Podcast: Interview with Anmol Kwatra

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