Turnin​​g red. A new Pixar Movie set in Toronto!

By: Jimena Ruiz Martinez

Turning Red is the new Pixar movie that tells the story of Mei Lee, a 13-year-old girl who, as if it wasn’t enough to deal with adolescence and all the changes that come with it, also has to deal with a unique situation, whenever she feels a strong emotion she turns into a huge red panda.

The new Pixar movie is directed by Domee Shi, a graduate of Sheridan College. The Torontonian chose her hometown to be the setting for the movie making it the first full-length animated Disney movie to be set in Canada.

After getting an academy award for Best Animated Short, Domee Shi got her Directorial debut with Turning Red and is also the first Pixar movie to be solo directed by a woman. Courtesy of Women and Hollywood.

Just from what fans have seen on the trailer we know that there will be a lot of references and glimpses of Toronto in this movie, from the CN Tower, the TTC Streetcars, a maple leaf and even some Timbits were spotted.

“Turning Red is a love letter to Toronto and Canada” said Greg Mason, VP of Marketing for Walt Disney Studios Canada, in a press release. “We are beyond thrilled that director Domee Shi chose her hometown of Toronto as the backdrop for her new feature film.”

Watch the Trailer and see what other Toronto references you can spot.


Among the cast, there are also some Canadians just like Canadian-American actress Sandra Oh who gives voice to Ming Lee, Mei Lee’s mom and Maitreyi Ramakrishnan Canadian actress who gives voice to Priya, one of Mei Lee’s friends.

Courtesy of Disney Animation Promos- Twitter

Turning Red will be the third Pixar movie to skip a theatrical release and go straight to Disney Plus.

The movie was originally planned for release in theatres but because of the pandemic and how it has affected the theatres, it will be released on March 11 exclusively on Disney Plus.

Unlike other Disney Plus releases, subscribers won’t have to pay an extra cost to watch this movie.





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