Toronto was hit with it’s first solid snowfall of the season, leaving us with roughly five to eight centimeters snow this morning. More snow is expected to fall throughout the day, Environment Canada is predicting an additional two – five centimeters to fall this afternoon.

Road maintenance crews can be spotted salting and plowing

Toronto’s streets. Traffic is expected to be slow throughout the day.

The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario expects to be busy today, dealing with crashes and delays on the major highways like the 400 series’.

There are no major incidents on the highways at this moment, but drivers are encouraged to slow down and put on winter tires.

Temperatures for the next few days appear to be in the negatives, with more flurries to come. The weather does seem to warm up towards the end of the week, so dress appropriately when heading outside!


Check out this video to get a live, festive look at what Toronto’s streets are looking like today…


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