An alarming and dangerous false narrative had started to spread claiming vaccinated mothers are giving birth to stillbirth babies. It started on Tuesday the 23rd of November targeting a specific hospital called Lions Gate in Vancouver B.C,  and circulating all over social media. The messages claimed that more than 13 vaccinated mothers had gone through stillbirth in just under 24 hours. 


A spokesperson who is also a doctor at the hospital decided to remain anonymous but spoke out as well as the Vancouver coastal health region. They have both debunked this harmful misinformation highlighting the fact that the people behind these comments had no association with their hospital whatsoever.  The spokesperson also mentions the frustrations of adding more stress levels at this delicate time. This is in relation to expectant mothers whose worries increase as well as doctors who try to reassure them. The medical professional also emphasises the point that it’s more dangerous to be unvaccinated and pregnant than the other way round which is also backed up by a statement by The Washington Post which reads 


“Within the first few months of the pandemic, research suggested covid-19 could be particularly devastating in pregnancy, leading to higher chances of hospitalization and use of a ventilator”


The reckless and highly triggering rumours began when a video was posted on Nov 11. The video contains a group of anti-vax protestors that surrounded the North Vancouver RCMP. It also showed two medically experienced individuals who were seen to be entering the RCMP.  


The spokesperson for the Lions Gate Hospital says that these two men were not affiliated with the hospital and wouldn’t have any solid information or evidence to back up their statements. It’s also important to point out that one of these individuals was Dr. Mel Bruchet. A doctor who has previously publicly claimed  he thinks COVID-19 is a hoax. The other person who took part in these claims was Dr. Daniel Negase who was also caught giving patients unapproved vaccines for the virus. The previous actions of both of these doctors had led them to their licenses being revoked due to their reckless behaviour and endangerment of patients. An email has  been said to also be circulating, implying that left wing media are lying to the public about the vaccine portraying it as a life saver instead of being an apparent experimental injection. 


The news brought out a lot of attention through Twitter and Instagram causing debates and conversations between users but it’s fair to say but the health officials want you to know that there is absolutely no reason to panic.


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