This is how Toronto’s Finch West LRT Metronlix project is looking in 2022

Photo from MOSAIC transit group

By Andrea Ruiz


The project of LRT light rail transit with 18 stops and 11-kilometer rail passing between Finch Avenue West with the station located on Keele Street and Highway 27 being the last stop Humber College where the North campus is located.
Another option for residents of northwest Toronto to easily move across the area.. With the LRT connected to transit services such as GO, Miway (Mississauga), Viva (York Region), and Züm (Brampton), giving options of movility to students who reside near the area that go to the Humber College, Seneca York, and York University.

With the Finch West and Humber college stations coming a long way in 2021 and although there is still work and tests to be done in these stations, The Finch West LRT is advancing incredibly fast, and proof of it are the updates they give on their social media @finchwestlrt Twitter and Instagram, where they are continually posting their construction work.

This is the current work and updates of January.

During January the Metrolinx team has been working on updating the Humber River Bridge and adding elements to new transit stops one of thoes is Finch West Station.

Image shows the bridge.
The Humber Bridge. (Metrolinx photo)

Metrolinx teams are currently working on the construction of the ramps for the preparatory duct bank and guideway installation work for that reason some roads in Etobicoke such as Silverstone Drive and west of Martin Grove Road will be closed for the crew to start laying track at the two intersections. From January 24 until Friday, Mar.4. And after the reopening of the last mentioned streets the Martin Grove Road, will be closed for same motives beginning on Mar 7 until March 2022.

Another activitie they are focusing right now is rehabilitating The Humber River Bridge that will be needed for the project. The crews will be working in two stages the fisrt one will be from February to mid May and the second one From mid May until late summer.

What will they be doing during 2022

James Wattie the advisor, Media & Issues Communication of Metrolinx gave an advance of the ongoing and upcoming key activities Metrolinx will delivered on 2022. And the locations where the work will be done are The Finch West Station, Keele-Finch intersection, Construction across Finch Avenue West, Maintenance and Storage Facility (MSF), the Highway 400 Bridge and the Humber College stop and Highway 27.

• Start of structural work for station and build-up the Finch West station, platforms and portals
• Complete connection to Line 1 subway station and installation of Traction Power Substation
• Begin mechanical, electrical and plumbing work
• Continue with dry and wet utility installation works, complete road widening and paving works
• Assemble and install 6 Traction Power Substations
• Complete installation of Guideway “burn-in” track from Pelican Gate to Sentinel Road
• Build guideway and install rail on the mainline
• Complete MSF building in spring/summer
• LRV testing continues
• Ramp improvement work at Highway 400 and at the Finch Avenue West interchange
• Handover the completed works to the Ministry of Transportation
Humber College Stop
and Highway 27
• Begin concrete work within stop, start building structure for Humber College station stop
• Portal structural work finished and ready to handover for track work.


The project is expected to be finished by 2023 but after asking James for a completion date he said that “Target in-service date is tracking for 2023”

Photo from Metrolinx












As an extention of Line 1, once complete this project, will be operated by the TTC.

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