Sweet Sustainability

Don Forster’s passion for beekeeping is now making an impact across Seneca Polytechnic campuses and the community at large.

To Bee or Not to Be

Don Forster is creating a buzz around Seneca Polytechnic. As the Director of the Sustainability Office, he contributes to the school’s environmental initiatives, reconciliation journey and oversees the Seneca Bee Club.

Forster says he grew up on a farm and loves being outdoors. He adds this experience led to him developing an enthusiasm for taking care of the earth.

The Seneca Bee Club has grown to a buzzing group of 20 students and staff. Forster provides sticky hands-on experience working with the bees and in turn, helps the environment. The honey collected helps the Seneca community. All proceeds go to supporting student financial aid and scholarship programs.   

Forster’s mission is to educate future generations about the importance of beekeeping and to encourage them to live sustainable lives.

The Green Dream

Forster says sustainable living has always been a part of his life. 

As the head of sustainability at Seneca Polytechnic, Forster’s office is based out of the Newnham Campus, but he hosts events across all seven Seneca locations. Forster is not doing this alone; he has a team of people he collaborates with to make sure these educational and recruiting events run smoothly.

In 2021, Forster launched a five-year plan with Seneca Polytechnic to make sure its sustainability projects continue to grow. Some of the first strategies were to establish outside partnerships, and integrate sustainability into curriculum. The one he is most proud of is the Sustainable Urban and Transportation Planning program  that was introduced in September 2023. While many boxes have been checked, Foster still has several initiatives to implement.

Don’t Bee Afraid!

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