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“You keep saying that my talk is cheap, man of my word I let my actions speak” Best of me by BKP


Zoe Johnston & Daxnie Desmoulin

BKP, a Toronto-born artist, performs live shows to show off his talents. In addition to being a producer, rapper and singer, BKP, also known as Rich to some of his closest and early friends, grew up in a French household and had an African Congolese and Rwandan background. He wanted to be more than just a producer and put his artistry and experience into songs. As a native speaker of three languages, BKP put that knowledge into his music, which allows him to cross over and be multilingual. According to Spotify, 42.610 people have listened to his music since 2015, while Apple Music has had 37.7k plays and YouTube has had 7.7k. On Sunday, the 29th, APT200 will be hosting SOIRÉE PRIVÉE, an event featuring a new song and music video by BKP.

The most recent release by him was WAVEBENDER FREESTYLE.

You can listen to BKP on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Under his Artist name BKP.

On Twitter and Instagram, he goes by the username @Bkplvg

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