Seneca Auctions Off Used Gear to Fund Student Bursary

Bids started at $140 for a Panasonic video camera

Education is not always easily accessible to everyone. According to United Way  charity only 31% of children from low income families make it to post-secondary education. From a higher income family that stat is 50.2%

Bids started at $20 for an Oculus VR headset.

Seneca cares about these statistics and found a unique way to create access to education for children who cannot afford it. They created an online auction with a variety of prizes to create bursaries for students struggling to get through post-secondary education.

The Seneca Online Business auction features activities and experiences such as tickets for two to the Art Gallery of Ontario. You can also bid on electronics such as a 55” LG TV. The sections also include stuff for your home and garden or buying services. Many items like the broadcast quality Panasonic camera pictured above and the Oculus VR headset were used in Journalism and Tv Program classes. 

Bids started at just $5 for Game of Thrones 3D ornaments.

These prizes are auctioned at a discounted price when compared to the going retail value. For example, you can bid for a service for a massage at The Aesthetic Clinic at Seneca. The regular retail price is $40.00 and the bid starts at $25.00. They also have the option to view each bid before you and the price they offered.

Organizers say this is a great way to raise money for bursaries that help students.  You are also winning a great prize while being charitable. They say it is a win-win situation for everyone involved. 

Ash Patel, the host of the auction, says that anyone in the Seneca Polytechnic Community is welcome to bid, as well as alumni. He wants to see approximately $15,000 raised annually. He further says that for the past 6 years the numbers varied from $8,000 to $30,000. All proceedings go to the Seneca Campaign for Students and is promoted through faculty, staff and Seneca News.

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