Men’s Basketball Team Drops Durham

BY: Gerry Sofos

Seneca Sting men’s basketball team was in a tough battle with the Durham Lords. Both teams played each other hard because they knew how important this game was in terms of  positioning in the standings.  Going into the game Durham Lords had a 9 wins 1 loss record in the OCAA league. Seneca had a 8 wins and 2 losses record in the OCAA league.

Marcus Bonnick gets ready for a shot. Bonnick scored 20 points in the game.

Assistant Coach Scott Waithe knew what was on the line before tip off,  he said “the key to winning this game was low turning over of the ball and no fouls”.   He also said he was expecting big games from seniors like Jordan Anderson, Raeshawn Washington, Elijah Green and Tafari Black”.  He also said rookie “Marcus Bonnick has been rookie of the year”. We definitely saw that with Black scoring a team high 28 points 7 rebounds and 2 assists in the game, and Bonnick with 20 points 5 rebounds and 2 assists in the game.  Some great offense and defense from both teams. Both teams fought hard but Seneca won 83-76. What was a really an important fact in the game is something Coach Waithe predicted, low turnovers.  Seneca finished the game with only seven.  Durham gave up the ball 13 times.  Seneca had seven players on the bench where Durham only had four reserves. Waithe  said, “With more depth on the bench it allows the players starting to have fresher legs and able to keep up at the end of the game”. With that win Seneca and Durham now have the same record at 9 wins and 2 losses.

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