Learning game design from home

By: Yannis Economopoulos

Due to the spread of COVID-19, schools across Canada at all levels have transitioned to online learning. For some programs, it’s more difficult, for others it’s not. For me, the adjustment to online learning was tricky because I am more engaged when in the classroom, similar to a game design student at Fanshawe College.

Gus Drossos, currently finishing his last year of an advanced diploma for Game Design, has had a difficult and stressful transition from the studio to his home. He described how there is a lack of help from professors compared to when in the studio, and this caused him stress and flustered emotions. Drossos has had to create games from scratch throughout his time at Fanshawe, and he says he has been working on his final game for months.


This game being created is for Drossos’ final assignment, and due to the long hours put into creating the game, he’s had to make weekly schedules to spread out his time. The photo above shows Drossos working on a tank for the game, which took him roughly a month to create.

Another issue Drossos had transitioning to online learning is; having to download such large programs on his personal computer. The issue with this is, he had to go out and buy a new computer that was compatible with everything in his program, such as the game files, the large programs, etc. After overcoming all of the challenges thrown at him, Drossos has adjusted well to online learning and has developed a work ethic that can be used to get into the industry. Despite all the hardships, Drossos completed his game and has sent it out to friends and family for them to play.

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