A Canadian Non-Profit Bridges Gaps for Immigrants

A University of Ottawa Alumni, Nora Abdalaal started a non-profit, Bridging Borders in Ottawa, Ontario in May 2017.  She uses her experience helping others as a Program Counsellor at Camp Ooch and Camp Trillium to help children battling cancer.  She wears many hats, but this trajectory of helping others has lead her in becoming the Director and Founder of Programs and Logistics at Bridging Borders.

Bridging Borders focuses on a variety of different programs and services. They collect food to donate to immigrants in need and provide a series of services and goods depending on the month. Each gift basket, or charitable food item changes depending on the community’s needs. 

Bridging borders is a registered non-profit but she wants to bridge onto something bigger.

“My goal is to become a registered charity—Founder of Bridging Borders, Nora Abdalaal”

During the pandemic, Nora, along with her volunteers have provided COVID relief kits which include a variation of products to give to people in need during the outbreak of the virus. She says some people don’t have money for food or masks. They are left vulnerable so they focused on providing products in kits that people were lacking.

Abdalaal says, “The impact is greater when you can continue to help the same community and that will empower them to be able to help themselves. That’s the goal.” Reinforcing support will help everyone get back on their two feet.

Some local Ottawa residents have expressed their appreciation  to Abdalaal for the non-profit work she does.

“In Ottawa and Gatineau, Quebec we held 3 pop-up stores where we distributed over 9000 items of donations, clothing, and household items, baby supplies and toys.— Nora Abdalaal”


Bridging border’s main goal is to become a registered charity and expand to  Egypt, Colombia and London, Ontario in the next year.

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