iPhone Remains Undefeated in Canada

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Meron Teweldemedhin, Suniti Arora, Iranna Baniasadi. Jan 18, 2023.

Apple’s iPhone continues its dominance over Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel in the mobile Market share in Canada in 2022.

Apple coasts through the Canadian mobile market easily followed by Samsung, however, Google Pixel hasn’t made any strides in Canada. Google has a lot to prove this year if it wants to compete with the two juggernauts.

Apple’s Domination

This comes after data was released last year in December on Statcounter and Statista showcasing that the phone’s market share remained fixed at around 58% mostly. In August 2022, its market share rose to its highest for that year at 59.38%. At the end of the year, Apple’s market share stood at 58.79%, 28.42% for Samsung, and 2.93 for Google.

Based on that data, an overwhelming majority of Canadians prefer to use an iPhone compared to other phones. In the past, some iPhone users would point to its camera as one of the key features that made it superior to Samsung’s flagship S, but the S22 has 8k recording capabilities. Yet, even with that, it couldn’t overcome the iPhone.

Apple and Samsung’s Revenue

Apple and Samsung’s major rivalry started back in the 2010s and ever since then, they have been competing globally. Just in 2022 alone, Apple netted 394.33 billion dollars, Samsung garnered 246.60 Billion, and Google Pixel earned 6.895 billion dollars, which is significantly less than the other two.

From 2010 to 2023, we explored the popularity of Apple, Samsung and Google Pixel. Google Pixel was late to the game, as it was released on august 4, 2016. In terms of interest over time, Apple has always remained the highest.

The iPhone is the most popular phone in Saskatchewan and Alberta, which is surprising considering Toronto is the most congested city with close to 3 million people and many of them have iPhones.

During the 2010-2023 period, the most searched phones were the iPhone 5s, 5c, 6 plus and 7 plus in Canada. It is not unusual to see the 6 plus in this list because it and the 6 were the most sold iPhones ever. Both phones accounted for $225 million.

Looking at data from the past few years, it is likely that the iPhone will continue to corner the mobile market in 2023. Because even though other phones might have better features in some instances, the iPhone remains the favourite for most people. It has become the default smartphone for users who can afford it.

Although Apple might dominate the Canadian and North American markets it would have a hard time against Samsung in poorer countries where Samsung and other phones are inexpensive. According to Satatcounter's data, Samsung leads the charts against apple worldwide. Samsung's average market share was 27.38% and Apple stood at 26.98%. While Apple might have won many battles, Samsung has won the war.

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