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Comparisons of the Latest Smartphones

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By: Dhevin Indar, Hersh, Ishtpreet Singh, Meaghan Franchi

The Competition for Marketshare

In a world dominated by IPhone and Samsung phones, Google has not been much of a contender. It’s clear Google has put in a lot of work into its latest phone, the Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. 

But the question now is, does anyone care.

Since the first Pixel sold in 2016 the entire series has only sold 27.6 million units. That’s one-tenth of the 272 million phones Samsung shipped and the 235 million phones Apple shipped in 2021.

As we look at the interest overtime for these three smartphones, we see that the Google Pixel 7 drew almost no interest in the last 12 months. While the Iphone 14 dominated the market. Here’s a look at which phone sold the most in each province. 

In each province the Google Pixel 7 had a value of 6 or less. While the Iphone 14's interest over time is much higher hovering around values of 60 and 70, and peaking in Yukon to a value of 100. The Samsung S22 Google search results were about half the value of the Iphone 14 being in the 20-30 range.

In the Google Trends chart the IPhone 14 leads the most web searches in the last 12 months in every country except for Argentina. The Samsung S22 had 52 percent of searches in Argentina, 5 percent more than the IPhone 14's 47 percent. The Google Pixel 7 was searched at only 13 percent and less in each country for the past 12 months.

Most IPhone users waiting for latest model

36.8 percent of U.S Apple IPhone users indicated they will wait for the IPhone 14. This percentage was highest of all alternatives. Only 3.5 percent have not decided and 32.3 percent will not upgrade in the next two years.

Nonetheless, majority said they will be waiting for the IPhone 14 in a survey released in October 2021.

Why aren't Google Phones more Popular? 

When we look at the Global phone searches for the Google Pixel 7, the Samsung S22 and IPhone 14 the Google Pixel 7 is far less searched for than the IPhone 14 and Samsung S22.

The highest value for the Google Pixel 7 was in Japan having only 22. The S22 highest searches came in Argentina and the Iphone 14's highest searches were in Vietnam and Mongolia, all outside of North America. Apple is the most consistent in each country having values over 50 in almost every country.

The data shows Apple and Samsung are more dominant in the smartphone market than Google even if Samsung is getting almost half the amount of searches as the IPhone 14. When you compare the three newest phones for Google, Samsung and Apple worldwide, the IPhone 14 has the highest popularity.

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