Hi Courage Are You Listening?

American Illustrator Stephanie Rae Chinn

By: Zahra Liberte Aldunia

American Illustrator Stephanie Rae Chinn

Lifelong artist turned professional illustrator Stephanie Rae Chinn, has come a long way from her battle with addiction nearly 2 years ago.

“Art has always been an outlet for me to express my emotions and what I’m feeling.”

Throughout her childhood and young adult life she had shown signs of addiction, and had previously turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with life struggles. After the loss of a pregnancy however, things turned for the worse, and eventually prompting her to seek change. “It came to a point where I just got tired,” says the talent about her addiction, and so she began on a journey to take control of her life.



To find her way through recovery, Stephanie turned to the other constant in her lif art. She found a new passion for helping others through her creations, and for the past two years has been working as a professional illustrator who focuses on women’s issues. Telling stories through visual representations has been therapeutic for both her and her followers, who often contact her with messages about no longer feeling alone.

About a year ago while working and reflecting on her life, Stephanie says, “I realized that the one common denominator throughout my life, that had led to many of my addictions, was a lack of courage.” This inspired her with an idea to help others find their courage through her new illustrated book entitled, “Hi Courage, Are you Listening?”

The self proclaimed feminist has previously used her art to tell stories of women finding their power, but with this new project, she delves deeper into her own life to use her vulnerability to help both men and women, find their strength through the hardest obstacles life can give you.

She sets off to New York at the end of this month to meet with publishers, and hopes to have the book ready by the end of the year.

To find more of her work, and to watch out for the official release date of “Hi Courage, Are You Listening?” You can visit her website at www.stephaniechinn.com.

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