Gen Z: Youth vs Issues

Today's young generation, Gen Z, isn't just sitting around and taking the world's problems. They're tackling major issues head-on, from racial injustice to LGBTQ+ discrimination and the mental health crisis.

When it comes to racial justice, Gen Z isn't afraid to hit the streets and protest. They're getting creative with their tactics to get people's attention and make their voices heard loud and clear. Social media is a huge tool for them to spread awareness and organize on a major scale. They're calling out racism and demanding change.

For LGBTQ+ rights, Gen Z is all about inclusion and representation, especially for those who've been pushed aside like trans peoples, LGBTQ+ people of color, and those living with HIV/AIDS. They get that identities intersect in complex ways. No one's left behind in their fight for equality and acceptance.

Mental health is another big focus. With a raging mental health crisis made worse by stigma, Gen Z is breaking the silence. Peer support groups, campaigns to end stigma, and open conversations are their weapons of choice. Many activists draw strength from their own struggles, using their voices to create supportive communities.

These individuals face huge hurdles, but they won't back down. They truly believe in making the world a fairer and more equal. With fresh tactics, mad social media skills, and a drive for includity, Gen Z is driving real change and paving the way for a better future.




Podcast: Gen Z VS Issues

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