Food Delivery Apps trends in 2022

Courtesy: CityNews Toronto

By Suniti Arora

Mayur Puri, an International student studying Civil Engineering at Seneca, says ordering food online is his go-to. Since he arrived in Canada, he has barely cooked any food for the last six months. He says he misses homecooked food and Indian cuisine, which is why he prefers to order it online.

Mayur Puri, an international student at Seneca

With time, he started ordering less Indian food and more fast food. When asked for his favourite restaurant, he said it was Harvey’s. He says he uses the app DoorDash the m

Courtesy: Harvey’s Twitter

ost to order food because it has many coupons and deals to offer. Also, as compared to other food delivery apps, he describes the app to have faster delivery and better customer service.

He says Harvey’s poutine is his most ordered food.

The End of Year Food Trends by DoorDash Canada revealed Osmow’s was the favourite restaurant throughout Canada.

Mayur says Osmow’s was his next best restaurant. His go-to order from Osmow’s is Chicken Shawarma on the STIX. It is a dish with Chicken Shawarma on crispy french fries. He calls it the best shawarma spot in Toronto.

Alisha Singh, a student at York University says, ordering food is her last straw. She says she loves cooking and prefers to eat homemade food. But on days when she is too tired to cook, she relies on ordering out.  Her favourite restaurant is Osmow’s and she prefers to eat their Chicken Shawarma Wrap.


Kimchi Pancake

Mayur’s classmate and friend Wae Man is also in favour of ordering out. Most of the time, he orders Korean food. He says his favourite dish is Kimchi Pancake from Chicken in the Kitchen.

Mayur says food delivery apps are not just for ordering out but it also provides an opportunity to earn money. Mayur delivers food in his free time with Ubereats. He says it’s an easy way to earn money and has a user-friendly setup. With an Uber account, he can go online anytime and find trips to deliver food. Even without a car, working as a delivery person allows him to deliver food and earn money, which he describes as the best part.

According to DoorDash trends, the people of Toronto were the most indulgent eaters. The most ordered foods were fries, fried chicken, chicken wings, and burgers. American cuisine was number one on the list of the top 10 most popular cuisines in Canada.

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