What inspired you to become a support worker?

What challenges are support workers facing during COVID-19?

How are residents coping with the pandemic?

What is your approach to making sure residents follow procedure?

What do you love about being support worker?

COVID-19 and the difficulty support staff are having with patients

By: Gideon Asante,

Josephine Aboagye has been a support worker for 5 years.Working with The Canadian mental health association of Toronto. She works with patients with mental health issues working to help get them into independent housing. She a dedicated, uplifting and understanding support worker whose presence is appreciated amongst the residents in the facility. Day in and day out she works tirelessly to help assure residents needs are attended to and any problems which they may have are sorted out to make their stay as comfortable as possible. The emergence of COVID-19, has brought about a new environment for patients and staff and how to properly adjust to many of the procedures put in place by the government. Her love for being a support worker comes from the reward of seeing other happy and making a positive change in each of their lives and helping others reach their full potential despite their illness. Josephine is also a Sunday school teacher at the local seven days adventist church and says “No matter the setting, I’m always being called to help, so I feel as this is my calling”. Helping others gives me a sort of peace that I really cant explain. Aboagye, says she looks to continue her journey and eventually start working with families as she continues her journey in helping others.

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