2024 Canadian International AutoShow

The Toronto Auto Show rolled into town featuring classic, concept, exotic, daily commuters and many more types of vehicles.

This place is a one stop to sit in many vehicles at one place and is held at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre, located in the heart of downtown Toronto. 

On the first floor there were Jeeps, Nissans and Hyundais. There was also a Hot Wheels booth set up right beside the car from the movie Barbie. It was awesome seeing this car in person. And you would see lots of people taking pictures with it.

One of the coolest attractions held at this year’s event was a bumpy trail set up by Jeep and designed to make you feel like you were off road driving. We are able to ride the trial in Jeeps with instructors to get the actual feel of how a Jeep handles in those conditions. I rode in one with no doors and at one point thought I was going to fall out. Now I understand the true use of those door handles.



Another fun feature was set up at the Hot Wheels both. They had mini race tracks set up where people could race the toy hot wheel cars. I watched a race where one person was learning how to use them and crashed the toy car into another one.

There were also lots of car manufactures showing off their new electric vehicles. One of the lower levels features the world’s largest indoor electric vehicle track. They had lines to test drive a few different types of cars. Some included, Vinfast, Lexus, Hummer and Subaru. One of the longest lines was for a Lexus.

I test drove two of the vehicles on the track. I did not want to miss out on such an amazing opportunity. I decided to first test Vinfast. First the instructor gave us a brief of how to drive the car and then I pulled out on the track. We went around the track twice and learnt about regenerative braking.

On the lowest level, you found more higher end cars. Here they featured the electric car BMW has to offer and saw some Ferraris. They also had other higher end cars on a different level. This level had a Lego store and these cars were set up in their own rooms. That included Bugatti and Porsche. In these rooms they only allowed people to look at the cars.

On the last level I saw featured some daily commuter cars. Here you could see some Lexus’s, Toyotas and Dodge also featured some of its vehicles. I sat in a Dodge 3500 Pickup Truck and found it to be very spacious. 

I asked around for people’s opinions on how they felt about the Auto Show and everyone said they would come back again next year.

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